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Gift Dolceresio

Polo with Logo Dolceresio

Women’s size S M XL
Men’s size M L XL

CHF 25

Cozy blanket with Logo Dolceresio

160 x 130 cm

CHF 35

Ambiance Fragrances

Bugetti – Essenze di Toscana

Volterra Bisenzio Pietrasanta
100 ml

CHF 55

Gift voucher

“Mini-Brunch Dolceresio

For 2 Persons

CHF 43

Gift voucher

Overnight stay

Detailed information at the reception

Gift wrap dolceresio included

The government of Brusino Arsizio has decided to invest in important building and landscape redevelopment works.

Since we cannot guarantee comfortable access to our guests we will be closed from November 9th to December 10th 2020.

We look forward to welcoming you to the reopening in a magical atmosphere waiting for Christmas.